Some Links to my work in magazines and on the web

Rolling Stone Magazine, The 250 Greatest Guitarrists of All Time, Marc Ribot, Oct 13, 2023, jpg

GQ Italy, Ritorno ad Asimov nell'era di Chat GPT, by Noel Ceballos, April 23, 2023 jpg

New York Times, the Magazine business from the coolest to the coldest, by Alexandra Jacobs, May 10, 2022 jpg

Slash Magazine, La Vie Invisible, CPIF, by Guillaume Benoit, May 24, 2022 PDF

Expresso, Requiem pelo Chelsea Hotel, by Jorge Calado, 2021 PDF translation PDF

New York Times, Allen Midgette, An Ersatz Andy Warhol, June 18, 2021, link

Getty images link

The Atlantic, The Burden of Being on Point, by Adam Harris, April 2021 jpg

O Processo Criativo, Depoiamentos de artistas, video for Museu de Arte Contemporanea do Chiado, Portugal 2021 link

Vogue, How fashion Embraced Queer Culture, Oct 30, 2020 jpg

Vanity Fair, France, Copacabana Club, March 2020 jpg

I'll be Your Mirror: Allen Midgette, written by Raymond Foye, Gagosian Quarterly Fall 2020, page 151 PDF

Rita Barros- Out of the Studio, Photography, MOMA link

Retrato Falado com Rita Barros, por Cristina Duarte, Faces de Eva, December 2017 PDF

No Longer Empty /Fresh out of storage, curated by Ariela Ka, documentary, 2016, link (I'm at 21:34 minutes) link to page

BoHemia-Vida e Morte no Chelsea Hotel, interview (Portugues) RTP Channel 2, 2016 link

A Desilusão com a amante americana (e memórias do Chelsea Hotel), Expresso podcast with Pedro Mexia e Inês Meneses (Portuguese) 25.02.16 link

BoHemia Vida e Morte no Chelsea Hotel, interview for Expresso (Portuguese) by Manuela Goucha Soares 2015, link to video

Eye of Photography, Pequena Galeria, 2015 - PDF

Time Out, Lisbon, Um Olhar do Retrato, April 2015 jpeg

Interview magazine (Germany) pdf

Dailight books "Theater of Displacement" by Patricia Silva, 2013 PDF

La Lettre de la Photographie "Displacement2", 2013 PDF

APAF "Displacement2" por António Lopes, 2013 PDF

Retrovisor "Displacement2" por Vera Futcher Pereira, 2013 jpeg

Revista Umbigo "Displacement2" por Elsa Garcia, 2013  jpg

Arte Institute, portfolio 'Displacement" and interview, 2012 link

Expresso Newspsper(cover) "Imagens da Decada 1993-2002" photo of 9/11(Portugal) 8/25/2012 - PDF

DIF Magazine, double page on "Displacement" by Elsa Garcia- 7/2012 (Portuguese) PDF - PDF

Emptiness Silence, slide show of my photos of Nobel Prize writer,José Saramago, presented by Arte Institure at Sonnabend Gallery, NY - link

Purple Fashion Magazine#12 video of Rene Ricard applying make up to Dash Snow PDF you tube link

'Rita Barros:Chelsea Hotel o Excêntrico Mora Ao Lado', by Elsa Garcia (Portuguese) link

Expresso, revista Unica, portfolio Dez Anos Depois, 9/11/11 PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF

La Lettre de La Photographie PDF

Expresso. revista Atual, "Chelsea Girl" by Jorge Calado (in Portuguese) 6/16/2011 PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF

Photography Now' showcases innovations in process and material - Times Union link - PDF

Marie Claire Italy, PDF

RTP- Estação das Artes - TV interview exhibition The Last Cigarette link

Radio Clube Português- Interview (Portuguese) file

Manuela Gonzaga blog- O Ultimo Cigarro- link

Usefashion, by Eduardo Mota, link

Desenhoscomluz Blospot- Review by António Lopes of exhibition 3x3 (in Portuguese), PDF

Liberation, La Photo Tient Salon a Paris, PDF

Lens Culture-exhibition Au Feminin- PDF

Flair magazine, Italy, PDF

Up Magazine, 10Portuguese Signs in NY, PDF

Le Cool - review by Mami of exhibition Wall (with translation) PDF

Norman Show at Fonte de Letras PDF

Le Cool - Interview, in Portuguese PDF

Presença da Ausência exhibition at Galeria Pente 10 - catalogue texts: Rene Ricard PDF Jorge Calado PDF other text - Luisa Especial PDF

Desenhos com Luz - review by António Lopes of Presenca da Ausência exhibit - in Portuguese PDF

Rita Barros, O Excéntrico Mora ao lado, Umbigo, Portugal, Interview, in Portuguese, by Elsa Garcia Jpg - link

LA MAG,Portugal - Photos- PDF - interview by Anabela M. Ribeiro PDF

Ao Espelho Fotografar A Intimidade Vagarosa, por Vitor Belanciano, Publico, Portugal - with portfolio from the series, Presença da Ausência PDF

Le Cool - review by Mami of exhibition Presença da Ausência (with translation) PDF

Time Out-Lisbon - Em Foco - interview, in Portuguese, by Elsa Garcia- PDF

Sais de Prata-e-Pixels- blog- review of exhibition Presença da Ausência Link

Arte Photographica - review by Sergio Gomes of Presença da Ausência exhibit (with translation) PDF

DN-portfolio of NY/Lisbon cityscapes - PDF - PDF - centerfold

Portrait of painter and poet Rene Ricard PDF

Washington Post- Express- photo of Deedee Ramone PDF

Cover of Le Monde2 magazine, France PDF

Photo Espana 07, Descubrimientos at the Museo de Arte Contemporanea, Madrid, PDF - PDF - PDF

Black & White magazine, Merit Award   PDF

Iggy Pop portrait, auction sale PDF

Expresso, photo 9/11 PDF

Expresso, photo of A. Midgette as Warhol, Text by Jorge Calado   PDF

Fifteen Years:Chelsea Hotel, exhibition reviews PDF

Chelsea Hotel blog, with short interview PDF

Text in Spanish by Ibis Hernandez curator of the Contemporary Art Museum in Havana PDF

Diario Digital, press article in Spanish on exhibiton at the Contemporary Art Museum, Havana, Cuba PDF

Expresso, review of show "Fifteen Years Chelsea Hotel" by Alexandre Pomar PDF

Portfolio of images in Anamnese, Ilidio Pinho Foundation of Contemporary Art( click on R) - click for link

Traveling exhibition “Beyond Compare: Women Photographers on Beauty” PDF

Mirror at the Bottom, a Le Musee Di-Visioniste virtual exhibition, curated by Agricola de Cologne - link  

Group exhibition “9 Women in the Same Coat” at Briggs Robinson Gallery, NY - PDF

Heart Break Hotel an installation at the Milano Flash Art Fair, Italy PDF

Urban Myths, exhibition curated by Katia Canton, Contemporary Museum of São Paulo, Brazil PDF

Room 1008, exhibition at Galeria 111, Oporto, Portugal - PDF

Fundação PLMJ PDF

Espelho de Artista, exhibition curated by Katia Canton, Contemporary Museum, São Paulo, Brazil - link

Associação Portuguesa de Photografia - link